The Pest Control Technician executes technical processes involved in pest management independently and when required, manages a team of workers. He/She performs pest management work by applying appropriate pest management mitigation and prevention methods. He uses both chemical &/or non-chemical based methods as well as tools and equipment. He identifies issues on-site and recommends appropriate techniques to handle pests and infested areas. He also performs routine maintenance of tools & equipment and prepares chemicals to be used. He is expected to perform his work indoors and/or outdoors, and is required to comply with safety procedures and protocols. He should be physically fit, task-oriented and an able team leader to lead the workers on-site, resolves issues on-site and an effective communicator with customers.

Plan pest management operations

  • Provide inputs for manpower and resource planning for pest management work.
  • Perform site assessment to determine scope of work.
  • Prepare pest inspection reports for planning pf pest management work to be carried out.

Execute pest management services

  • Adhere to applicable workplace safety & health (WSH) regulations and use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Follow & perform maintenance checklists for safety & functionality checks on tools & equipment.
  • Carry out routine maintenance of tools and equipment.
  • Operate equipment (fogger, sprayer, mister etc) for pest management work and perform trouble shooting when necessary. Repair tools & equipment and change spare parts.
  • Prepare and/or allocate work site areas for pest management work by segregation.
  • Identify and analyse the types of pests to be handled.
  • Prepare & allocate chemical &/or non-chemical pest management methods to eliminate pest infestation.
  • Manage team and guide workers to perform pest management work.
  • Resolve technical &/or manpower challenges that may impact pest management work om-site. Manage pest disposal and reinstate work site.
  • Prepare work site reports to track work progress.
  • Recommend preventive measures to clients on pest management.

Handle incidents

  • Respond to incidents and emergencies as directed.
  • Report operational abnormalities to appropriate person eg. supervisor/Manager.

Minimum Education: N level with pass in English (Singaporean) SPM with pass in English (Malaysian)

Interested candidates may contact:
Ms Shirley


Locally-owned Verminator Pte Ltd, set up in 2011, penetrates the pest management industry with a wealth of experience since 1993.

The core team is essentially unchanged from its previous iteration at a market-leading pest management company. This group of key individuals has maintained management cohesion and service excellence through various corporate revisions. The core team has garnered extensive practical knowledge through managing large-scale challenging projects over the years. Some notable portfolio included the Defence Science & Technology Agency, National Environment Agency, Public Utilities Board, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Singapore Land Authority etc. No stranger to the implementation of innovative technology, Verminator pioneers the use of biological larvicides and maintaining solid industry leadership in this field among our major achievements.

In Verminator, our winning record of experience, work ethic and innovation continue to be informed and inspired by a commitment to conducting our operations with responsibility and distinction. Our services – residential or commercial – are unyieldingly comprehensive in the right way: integrating best practices, sustainability and innovation into finely-tuned, ruthlessly efficacious pest management solutions that are kind to public health and the environment.

With Management’s capable leadership and a skilled multicultural workforce employing the latest technology, Verminator is well-poised to deliver on projects within its wide scope of capabilities. We are diligent in our dealings and fully confident when we declare: ‘No Escape’.